5 Reasons why I love Chic Marie

#1 : It’s a Montreal Brand

Living in Montreal allows me to discover creativity, where all dreams are possible. We always look up for more, while everything we need is just right where we are. And I believe in Montreal. I believe in its culture, its fashion, its music. Every time I can, I want to share the blessings we have here. In this note, I’m proud to wear clothing from a Montreal Brand.



#2 : Unlimited Wardrobe

The concept is just crazyyyyy! Chic Marie is a fashion digital house where you rent the clothes. And it’s not only prom clothes or one-time deal clothes. It’s casual, date-night, everyday clothing. Can you imagine? It’s like having new clothes every time you open your wardrobe. All we need is just a membership, then we can choose any clothes we want. So for this post, I have this basic dress (that I loveee), but for the next one, I will show you another outfit.



#3 : Save my (precious) money

More clothes, more savings! As I said, we only need to pay a membership, then we can receive up to 9 items per month. If we do a little math, each cloth worths max $10 (whhaaat). While the real price is wayy more than that. And if we love the item, we can keep it with a great discount. What can we ask for more ?


#4 : Presents Montreal Designers

I know I’ve already said that previously (more or less). However, this 4th reason is different. Chic Marie is presenting a wide range of Montreal Designers: Coup de foudre, Coquette en Soie, Crazy About Black, and a lot of others. I love the fact that we are valuing our local artists, that are real people with real dreams and passions. In fact, when you know the designers come from your town, the whole industry feels to be more human.


#5 : Inspirational CEO

Finally, I really love Chic Marie because of the founder. She personally inspires me. She has a law-studying background, but now she is in the fashion industry. How can that even be imaginable? Usually, fashion CEOs come from great fashion schools or business school. Rules teach that business students must be business workers, and law students must be lawyers. Rules tell us that we must keep the status quo. Here it’s not the case. I know that her story impacts more than one because it’s the proof that we can do anything with big dreams.


Photographer: Andy Rarivomanana

Brand: Chic Marie

Outfit: #tinaravelosonS01EP12

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