I Never Play by the Rules

I never play by the rules. My parents always told me that I was « rebelling » nice. I know this feature doesn’t exist, but they’ve found these words to describe me. For example, I was always talking in class, but as soon as the teacher turned her head I was acting like the smartest one. Just smiling, and always had the correct answer to her question. It’s funny because she couldn’t use the argument that I needed to listen for a better understanding because at that time I was already one of the smartest (lol).


The years passed. And I always find my way to say my opinion that is most of the time against the main one. Sometimes, I was scared, and sometimes I just assumed it. Now I realize: living against expectations makes me who I am. I realize that they are many of us who need to hear that « we were not created to be all the same ». We were not created to always agree with everybody, and that’s ok.

We are not created by the expectations of people.


Wait. Don’t act foolishly and be smart with me xoxo I’m not saying to quit your job by tomorrow. Just take a moment to listen to your heart.

Don’t be afraid and express who you really are.

Rules are made to guide us. They are made to understand this world. However, they don’t determine what we are inside.


They are so many things I want to share with you, but for the moment I am just going to give you this introduction. Stay tuned I’m gonna talk about a lot of subjects: school, work, relationship.

For the moment, remember that you are way more than the world is expecting you to be. More deeply, you are way more than what you’ve being even told yourself. You’ll never stop growing.

I hope that you may choose the right path to walk.




Photographer: Andy Rarivomanana

Outfit: #tinaravelosonS01EP01

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