Hey Ladies,

I present you this gaaaals : Shanila, Marysa, Gaele, and Fael.

We have gathered to create this unexpected girls squad. All from different horizons, but same heart for women and empowerment. And I wanna take this season of « Valentine’s » to declare LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, and FUN.


You’d probably already have seen a lot of messages about this day. If not, just go to Dollarama, you’d know that they prepared this WHOLE 14th of February since January 1st. That’s fun ; it makes me smile – you can buy love for a dollar. Ouf- I’d might be rude. But I admit I’m still gonna buy something from them ; because it’s cute.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about Commercialized Love. I’m here to say that you can find love right at the corner if you give it a chance. You know, I didn’t know most of these girls before – but there was an interest of doing something beautiful together. And I knew the core of these women, so this is all I needed to discover first.



If you take a step out of your comfort zone, you may find love at first sight. That’s what happened here. We met, we laughed, and we created.

I have to say that because today, we misunderstand LOVE. We think that LOVE is hard to find. Or we think that people should earn it, like it was a transaction. Or else, LOVE = only one special individual. But LOVE is everywhere : in a Girls squad (ps : no need a man), in simple conversations, in nature. In fact, LOVE was the origin of everything, but is now twisted…

So what do we do today with that ? How can we find LOVE ?

  • Appreciate your girlfriends : Spend time with them, open up your heart with wisdom, don’t be afraid
  • Take the time to celebrate the quiet miracles that seek no attention – and by that I mean : CELEBRATE
  • Pause on your day, to remember what really matters – and Love


What will you do now ? Do you have any suggestion to find LOVE ?

Photographer: Andy Rarivomanana

Place: La Finca Café & Bureau

Gals: Fael, Gaele, Marysa and Shanila

5 thoughts on “#GAAAAALENTINES

  1. Hi ☺️ Thanks for reminding us that V-day is not only about showing love exclusively. Let’s share love all around. Friends and family need love too💕 Happy V-day❤️

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