Shopping in the kids’ section, why not?

Hello Loves,

Let me tell you a shopping experience. I’ve been in a Zara store (the one in Downtown), and I suddenly decided to check out the kids’ section. Why? 🖖 Don’t ask me. I have no idea👀 Well I ended up there, and I was thinking about how will I style my future daughter/son. Who never did that? 🖐

But after few minutes, I’ve found some cute things that look a lot like my current clothes. And I was like « wait a minute! », « How much is it ? ». Then my brain exploded: « I have almost the same shirt, but this one is $20 less than what I’ve bought? »Whaaaaat!


Ok, then I bought this shirt. A white shirt, classic, with a cute illustration. I’ve taken the « size»: 13-14 years old. And yes, it suits me perfectly🤘. Woww, my size is equivalent to a 14-year-old girl. I never thought I was that small. Well, I knew, but this shirt made me realized it even more!

In fact, I was so offended that I needed to buy a piece that I could afford with a $20 off. C’mon ! I can buy a shirt that suits me + is cute + makes me save $20 ? Ok. Now you got me Zara kids ! a similar here


And you know, there is so much more than $20 saved when you buy in kids’ section.

  • It’s absolutely sure that you’ll find a cute piece. 100% chances. ‘cause these clothes are made for fashionista cuties. However, the clothing may tend to be a bit cheesy, ooops But donnn’t worry, I’ll guide you on how to style kids clothes as a full grown-up.
  • You’re pretty sure to never find your clothes on your girlfriend. Nobody shops in kids section for themselves. Therefore, when you find your perfect piece in there, you’ll have more chances to find it on a little girl than on your own friends. Ahah. Still, it’ll be unique, won’t it ?
  • NO LINEUP! Have you ever notice how the line up in kids section is twice shorter than the one for adults? You’ll never have to wait again if you shop in kids section! So, go to kids section, and avoid the never-ending lineup!

Styling Tips

When you’re wearing a kid clothing, make sure to still be taken as an adult (eh eh✊). So here are some few tips for you.


For 1 kid clothing, take 1 « real adult » clothing. What do I mean by « real adult»? I mean the opposite of sneakers, headband, fluffy piece, etc. All these clothes are good, but we need to make some balance in our outfit. For myself, I took these justfab boots. I literally fell in love with them at first sight. (this is another story) but they just perfectly match with my whole outfit. Moreover, I took my Mom pants. I’ve not been searching that far right? She wore them when she was young. I felt nostalgic wearing them.


Brand: Zara Kids x JustFab

Chemise Imprimée Similar x Nefeteria Bootie


Photographer: Andy Rarivomanana

Outfit: #TinaRavelosonS02EP02

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