Asos x Mango

Hello ladies, hello petites?

Here is the perfect blog post for you – for my 24th birthday, I wanted to offer you this little gift, which is one of my biggest advice I learnt in my fashion-23-year-old life. You know I LOVE giving some tips for petites right? Well, did you read my previous blog post about shopping in kids section ? If not, check this out rn. Ok, now comes the real deal. First of all, thank you Elif Elyos for this incredible outfit! She knows best what to wear (wink!)

You know sometimes, for petites like us, we struggle finding our pants size right? Well, do not worry anymore! Just take crop pants. You see it ? Crop pants will make you normal pants (eheh!) It’s then the PERFECT SIZE! but please, not any crop pants. you know the clear blue jeans, don’t. It will def make you shorter and closer to the earth than you already are. Because it’s a light color, we will only see those pants. Instead, choose dark colors like these Asos pants AND style it with big heals, it’ll make a difference. Now, sum this up with a pair of glasses, and you won’t be considered as small anymore – but a GREAT BOLD INDEPENDENT WOMAN, as you already are!

Love xoxo

Photographer: Catherine Alegre

Outfit: #TinaRavelosonS02EP15

Jacket and Pants: ASOS

Sunglasses: Mango

Shoes: ALDO

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