hey girls, I don’t know how you jumped out in here but here you are. I’m Tina. I’m small (like veryyyy small) 5’ ft. By sharing my lookbook, I will give you some advice on fashion styling (specially useful if you are 5’4” / 163 cm and under). So, yes it’s about Fashion. But not only that. It’s more about being who you are despite the society telling.


Here’s a fact. We were born with some rules. Physical, chemical, biological then cultural rules. They exist to determine our position in this world.

By physical rules, you cannot fly like a bird.

By chemical and biological rules, you have feelings toward a situation.

But have you ever asked yourself that by cultural rules, you are somebody else ?


Here’s where I am. Motivated by love and hope, I’m here to warn you and to help you discover yourself. I mean discovering who you really are.

From clothing to your heart,