Your job title does not define you.

We always look for the best (of the best) job position: High executive, CEO, VP. Basically being the boss, or at least not being at the end of the chain. What a power can give a job title, right ?

Have you ever felt ashamed of the job you have? Or in the opposite, have you ever felt proud just by saying the name of the company you’re working in?

Honestly, for me: OF COURSE it happens sometimes! Who had never compared and/or tried to define themselves with anything? But I’ve learned this lesson. We’re not defined by the job title we’ve received. We’re not defined by the company we’re working in.

Listen. Even though you’re putting your heart into it or you’re investing your time, energy and PERSONALITY, YOU ARE NOT THE COMPANY.

People may perceive your entire identity by the company name or the professional position. But remember, you are always working FOR the company, not « WITH » the company.

It’s so important to distinguish our identity from our work. Why? Here is the reason :

If you define yourself by your job title, you will lose yourself as soon as you lose this job title. Imagine, let’s say: « I am … for the company … ». Then tomorrow, the company … does not need you anymore. What are you left with?


I know it may be hard to hear that. Frustrated? Maybe. Scared? Not at all.

You are what you are. And that is enough to define. Only after finding yourself, who you are is fully dedicating to your work, your family, your relationships. This is at this very moment that you find peace.

Now that you know you’re not defined by your job, how do you define yourself? Don’t hesitate to comment below to empower those who need it.



Photographer: Vianney Amegee


2 thoughts on “Your job title does not define you.

  1. How do I define myself? It is a very difficult question that everybody should ask themselves periodically in order to find peace with themselves. Thank you Tina for encouraging the reflexion and the discussion. For a long time I defined myself by the place I was born in. Then I realized that people got confused because my personality didn’t always fit with the image they had about that place in their mind. Then I tried to define myself with my hobbies and the things that I liked doing but being someone interested in a lot of different things, those hobbies were always changing so It was difficult to define myself as a runner, artist or a fashionista.. I also let my job define who I was. Since we spend a good portion of our time and energy performing our day job, as you correctly put it, it is tempting to let it defines us. I tried as well different personality tests (like the Briggs Myers) as an attempt at capturing that essence of me but I realized that I got different results after retaking it months later. So I decided that the only constant in my personality, in my way of acting and making decisions were the set of values that I was trying to live by and was ready to share to my children one day: Being someone respectful to others, someone kind and forgiving to people including myself, someone understanding that nobody on Earth is perfect, someone who sees life as a learning experience, not expecting it to be easy and who works hard to meet her goals, someone who embraces joy, love and beauty around her and who is grateful for what life has given her. I wish you all the best in this project Tina. I am loving the blog so far. Keep up the good work. Audrey

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    1. WOW! Thank you Audrey. Your words are just EXACTLY what I meant! Thank you for expressing so easily what our hearts are longing to say. In the end of the day, this is the beauty of identity. We’re always evolving but our core values and personalities get stronger and stronger. Through the different season of our lives, we might express something new or an old-self showing out again. Therefore you’re right! What stays constant is our way of perceiving this world, and our heart. ’cause we never can defy our true-self heart. XOXO


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