Hey Ladies, hey Montrealers,

Have I ever told how much I love our city ? I’m just so amazed by the diversity, the coolness and the cultural vibe of our Montreal. Like really.

It’s been already a month where these pictures were taken but I am still WOWed about it.


Let me tell you the story. Tani just emailed me for a casual brunch – and I didn’t know any of these girls except Shanila we’ve been shooting together ! See here. Therefore, I didn’t have much expectations here. I thought it would be just « casual, normal, girly, cute ». BUT ! I think the perfect word of this brunch is « POWERFUL » ! omg, I never thought encountering new people could that be so powerful ! We talked about our paths, passions, purposes in life ; it’s some conversations I never had for a first encountering. We mentioned the bullying issue, the « rules » of today’s fashion, the discrimination, the wrong choices. I mean – it was really deep.


Personally, I just love all these women. We’re all so different with our own personalities, background, style ; but we came up altogether in the name of love and REAL women empowerment.


And I just realized, at this very moment, how we can be powerful together. It’s not only written in pretty good slogans, or mindsets – but it’s true. We just have to open our hearts and be generous ; then LOVE can happen.


I wish I could meet all of you who read this to talk more about LOVE. Don’t hesitate to contact me and we can create a REAL content altogether.


Love these women and you,




For more insight of each personalities, follow my ig: @tinaraveloson – will post some cutie fact about them

Photographer: Catherine Alegre

Ladies: Tiffany the cutie, Kiara the future top 50 woman to be, Shanila the traveler, Lailah the makeup artist, Katie the easy-going-funny girl, N the mysterious so gentle girl, Tani the big boss lady and Anne-Marie the she-can-make-you-smile-every-5-seconds sweetie.

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